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About Like Minds

From a a young age I struggled with ​confidence due to my learning disabilities. In middle and elementary school I attended schools that didn't have an open dialog about learning differences which made accepting my learning differences even harder. If I were to have had a community where I felt supported, I believe that my journey to becoming confident and independant would have been easier. 


I decided to create this platform and this service organization to provide support for those kids with learning differences starting their own journeys to independence and self acceptance.


- Natalie Potter

Founder Like Minds 

Connecting Like Minds 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to help younger students with learning differences become more confident both academically and socially. We want to provide them with guidance and create a community that fosters growth. 

Kids in Preschool
Kids Playing Tug of War

Our Vision

We want to accomplish this goal is through connection, between older and younger students, that have experienced similar struggles. Creating relationships between students, where they can offer guidance and support in sincere, fun way.  

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